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Since 2017 I am involved with the digitization of important collections of ancient documents.

I currently work on the The Prize Papers Project which is part of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Germany, and is based at the University of Oldenburg (Germany) and the National Archives UK (London).
For this project I have contribued to develop a "materiality approach" to documents from the photographic point of view, including filming the first-opening of undelivered letters dated between 1652 and 1815. The results can be seen in the "materiality portal"

Since 2019 I also work for SOAS University (London) on a variety of documents from Africa and Asia.


- 17th October: publication of Alice Project on KEK MAMA Magazine, Netherlands

kek mama

- August 2017: Publication of Alice Project in Vivi Consapevole Magazine #50
- 20th June: Honorable Mention MIFA2017 Category Professional Editorial-Environmental with "The melody of things"


- 6th - 10th of July: Exhibition "Regard personnel, Espace commun", Festival OFF Arles 2016

- 1st of July: presentation of the project Memories/NoMemories cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca

- 28th of May: presentation of the project Memories/NoMemories cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri, caffé letterario Le Murate, Firenze

- 15th of January: Publication of "Alice Project" on #77 of Witness Journal
- 14th of January: Publication of "Living area in Varanasi" on #22 Clic-he Magazine
- 13th of January: Publication of "Alice Project" on Dodho Magazine


- 1st of December: Publication of "Alice Project" on F-Stop Magazine
- 23rd of November: Publication of "Social ID Photo" on "Memories/No Memories" cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri
- 19th of November: free space gallery offered by Lens Culture

- 1st of November: Photographer of the Month and publication of "Alice Project" on SDN (Social Documentary Network)

- 30th of October publication of "Alice Project" on EdgeOfHumanity
- 29th of October: Publication on UILDM Magazine of photos on "Fuori Contesto"
- 21st October: First Place MIFA 2015, Category People with "Alice Project"

- 26st August - 24th November: exhibition and publication on "Don't Take Pictures" Magazine, theme "Home".
- 31st July - 2nd August: exhibition "The sommelier of sunrises", Ritrovarsi Festival 2015, Sciacca (AG)

- 25th June - 7th July: exhibition "Penultimo paesaggio in fondo", XXS Gallery, Palermo

- 20th of December 2014 - 31st of January 2015: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto", Aurum of Pescara


- 24th of December: publication of "Alice Project – The Wonderland in a school of Sarnath", on Private Magazine
- 10th of November: "Alice Project" among 100 selected finalists on Photolux Leica Awards 2014
- 25th of October - 15th of November: collective exhibition "Projet 192", Palazzo SUMS, San Marino
- 17th of October: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto" at TDO Napoli e Dintorni - Ex Asilo Filangieri, Naples
- 25th of September: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto", Bibliopoint dell’I.C. Perlasca, Rome
- 18th-31st of July: collective exhibition “Madrid 11 March 2004” by “Project 192” cured by Ciro Prota, centro culturale Altinate/San Gaetano, Padova
- 25th of July: 1st prize with "InZen" reportage on "Social Focus II" contest by Radio Siani
- 6th-7th of June: "Murales per studio.ra" (London Biennale Pollination) video projection in Euroart Studios

- 18th of April - 4th of May: "Penultimo Paesaggio in fondo" with Enrico Doria, cured by Francesca Porreca - Spazio per le arti contemporanee del Broletto, Pavia
- 11th of March, 192 event, Piazza Navona, Roma - Book "M11" by "Projet 192" association, cured by Ciro Prota

- 22th of January: Paysage avant dernier au fond on Silent tv
- 20th of January: Paysage avant dernier au fond , with Enrico Doria, on Urban Photography Magazine


- 4th of July: Paysage avant dernier au fond with Enrico Doria, projections in the court of Marie Curie School, "Nuit de la Roquette", Arles


- Inneres Auge, for "Paratissima 8", MOI , Turin
- Beddu Veru, curated by Santo Eduardo Di Miceli, Alcamo;
- Inneres Auge, Festival Off, Gallery "Le monde de Christina", Arles


- 14th of June, Green Energy Charity dinner party, cured by Fondazione Roberto Granata and Potpourri mensile, Aranciera di S. Sito, Roma


- In/certi Sguardi, curated by The College of Philosophy and Letters, Palazzo Aragona Cutò, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, EXPA Gallery of Architecture, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, Arci Malaussène Society, Palermo;
- Fare Verde Farebbe, FIAF photo contest (winner) and exhibition, Teatro Montevergini, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, photo contest "Premio Portfolio di Palermo" (winner), Agricantus, Palermo.