What's on:

- 17th October: publication of Alice Project on KEK MAMA Magazine, Netherlands

kek mama


- August 2017: Publication of Alice Project in Vivi Consapevole Magazine #50
- 20th June: Honorable Mention MIFA2017 Category Professional Editorial-Environmental with "The melody of things"


- 6th - 10th of July: Exhibition "Regard personnel, Espace commun", Festival OFF Arles 2016

- 1st of July: presentation of the project Memories/NoMemories cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri, Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca

- 28th of May: presentation of the project Memories/NoMemories cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri, caffé letterario Le Murate, Firenze

- 15th of January: Publication of "Alice Project" on #77 of Witness Journal
- 14th of January: Publication of "Living area in Varanasi" on #22 Clic-he Magazine
- 13th of January: Publication of "Alice Project" on Dodho Magazine


- 1st of December: Publication of "Alice Project" on F-Stop Magazine
- 23rd of November: Publication of "Social ID Photo" on "Memories/No Memories" cured by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri
- 19th of November: free space gallery offered by Lens Culture

- 1st of November: Photographer of the Month and publication of "Alice Project" on SDN (Social Documentary Network)

- 30th of October publication of "Alice Project" on EdgeOfHumanity
- 29th of October: Publication on UILDM Magazine of photos on "Fuori Contesto"
- 21st October: First Place MIFA 2015, Category People with "Alice Project"

- 26st August - 24th November: exhibition and publication on "Don't Take Pictures" Magazine, theme "Home".
- 31st July - 2nd August: exhibition "The sommelier of sunrises", Ritrovarsi Festival 2015, Sciacca (AG)

- 25th June - 7th July: exhibition "Penultimo paesaggio in fondo", XXS Gallery, Palermo

- 20th of December 2014 - 31st of January 2015: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto", Aurum of Pescara


- 24th of December: publication of "Alice Project – The Wonderland in a school of Sarnath", on Private Magazine
- 10th of November: "Alice Project" among 100 selected finalists on Photolux Leica Awards 2014
- 25th of October - 15th of November: collective exhibition "Projet 192", Palazzo SUMS, San Marino
- 17th of October: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto" at TDO Napoli e Dintorni - Ex Asilo Filangieri, Naples
- 25th of September: exhibition "Scatti fuori posto", Bibliopoint dell’I.C. Perlasca, Rome
- 18th-31st of July: collective exhibition “Madrid 11 March 2004” by “Project 192” cured by Ciro Prota, centro culturale Altinate/San Gaetano, Padova
- 25th of July: 1st prize with "InZen" reportage on "Social Focus II" contest by Radio Siani
- 6th-7th of June: "Murales per studio.ra" (London Biennale Pollination) video projection in Euroart Studios

- 18th of April - 4th of May: "Penultimo Paesaggio in fondo" with Enrico Doria, cured by Francesca Porreca - Spazio per le arti contemporanee del Broletto, Pavia
- 11th of March, 192 event, Piazza Navona, Roma - Book "M11" by "Projet 192" association, cured by Ciro Prota

- 22th of January: Paysage avant dernier au fond on Silent tv
- 20th of January: Paysage avant dernier au fond , with Enrico Doria, on Urban Photography Magazine


- 4th of July: Paysage avant dernier au fond with Enrico Doria, projections in the court of Marie Curie School, "Nuit de la Roquette", Arles


- Inneres Auge, for "Paratissima 8", MOI , Turin
- Beddu Veru, curated by Santo Eduardo Di Miceli, Alcamo;
- Inneres Auge, Festival Off, Gallery "Le monde de Christina", Arles


- 14th of June, Green Energy Charity dinner party, cured by Fondazione Roberto Granata and Potpourri mensile, Aranciera di S. Sito, Roma


- In/certi Sguardi, curated by The College of Philosophy and Letters, Palazzo Aragona Cutò, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, EXPA Gallery of Architecture, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, Arci Malaussène Society, Palermo;
- Fare Verde Farebbe, FIAF photo contest (winner) and exhibition, Teatro Montevergini, Palermo;
- Octavia Project, photo contest "Premio Portfolio di Palermo" (winner), Agricantus, Palermo.